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  1. Best Way to Cash in WDC

    BTC38 seems good but not perfect. Once in BTC, use CoinBase to sell to your cash account.
  2. Paper Wallet Withdrawal

    *** SOLVED *** Thanks Berzeck. The issue was not unlocking the wallet in the first place. So this is what I did: - Start WorldcoinBC and wait for Ready! (for wallet to get synchronized) - Open Console and type the command: walletpassphrase <Passphrase> 600 (note: no <> around Passphrase, unlock for 600 seconds) - Then command: importprivkey <Private Key> - The command console did not report anything - If typed help in command, nothing seemed to happen - It appears WBC was doing something in the background and wasn't really responsive - Left if for an hour or so - Came back and saw in Wallet Summary that I had the balance! All good. Thanks all for your support.
  3. Paper Wallet Withdrawal

    The message came after the first attempt. Then I tried one more time without the quotation marks and nothing happened. I also shut down WBC and restarted and tried importing again with the same outcome. My wallet is encrypted if that makes any difference. I am also getting these messages in log panel all the time since I encrypted the wallet: Network request error! Object: 'WNPopularity'. Request ID: '9966'. Request: 'http://cryptocoin.cc/table.php?cryptoc
  4. Paper Wallet Withdrawal

    I did the above and received the following message in console: -- importprivkey "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" -- JSon RPC error! Connector: 'WDC'. Error: 'Error adding key to wallet'. Code: '-4' I checked my private key few times and it seems I haven't missed anything. Any suggestions? Is there a list of console commands and semantics available?
  5. Paper Wallet Withdrawal

    Of course Just need to figure out where to enter it...
  6. Hi there, I need some help figuring out how to transfer balance from my WDC paper wallet to computer. I have a paper wallet I created 3 years ago. Now I installed WDC software, downloaded and synched everything. However, I don't see option to fill my electronic wallet from my paper wallet. Any suggestions? Thanks.